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Billing Work Flow

Broadray has a dedicated billing team intensely focused in increasing your revenue and accelerating your revenue cycle.

Data Upload The input data in the form of Super bills, patient registration sheets , EOBs, insurance card copies and check no are sent to Broadray.

Allocation Broadray receives these images and gets separated into Charges and Payments. The files are then allocated to the billing team member based on client and payer.

Charge Entry The billing team now inputs all charge CPT codes associated with the procedures into the billing system along with the patient demographic information including patient name, social security number, insurance and guarantor details, DOB, address, sex, marital status, insurance policy/group ID and insurance mailing address

Quality Assurance Prior to claims submission, each claim is reviewed by a peer for data accuracy. After approval to process, it undergoes a random check by the quality assurance team before being moved to claims submission queue.

Claims Submission Each claim is now submitted to the payer for processing. Most of them are submitted electronically. In some instances when payer prefers paper claims, HCFA 1500 or forms are printed and mailed.

Cash Posting EOBs are allocated to the billing team member to be posted to the billing software. Relevant information such as EOB/check date, check number, date of services, codes for which payment is received and transfers like Co-pay or co-insurance is verified. Once the data is posted into the billing software, it undergoes quality check through a peer review mechanism. Secondary Claims or Patient Statements are generated at this point.

Account Receivable The billing team member takes the unpaid claims, sorts them based on aging (30, 60, 90 and 90+ days) and assigned priorities based on the claim age and insurance filing limit. The team member follows up with the insurance company to find our any missing information or formatting errors and re-files the claims. If any cash is outstanding from patient, then a call is made and the bills are been sent from our side to the patient to collect the same.

Billing Work Flow
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