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In 2005, Broadray ventured into I.T. Enabled Services (ITES). Today, Broadray provides services in the area of Medical transcription, Speech recognition editing, Interfacing transcription & EMR, Legal transcription, Insurance transcription, Medical billing & coding, A/R collections and web solutions.

Our procedures, technology, extensive staff training, continuous learning allows us to offer exceptional service at remarkably reduced cost.

At Broadray we keep on upgrading our capabilities which enables us to offer the entire spectrum of back-office processes and services in the healthcare domain.

The Team

Broadray truly believes that their highly skilled employees are their real assets and are the real strength for the drastic progress of the company.

Our professional management team has over 8 years of combined experience in diverse areas such as strategic planning, operations, business process management and technology.
To compliment our operational team, we have an in-house software support and research team who continually monitor the rapid technological changes affecting the health care industry.

Key Success
The key to the success of Broadray is highly effective training program and transparency between the employee and employer and team effort for accomplishing the given task.
Our company believes in employing the best talents and achieving the highest standards in individual as a team, team performance, and productivity.
Our ability to input the information accurately into organized digital or soft copy files from voice and data as per client’s specification.
We Broadray as a team provides an excellent enthusiastic work environment where individuals can maximize their potentials and achieve the best growth rate.
Continuously developing constructive work in terms of process, and methodologies which keep us ahead in competitive market.
Broadray I.T. is hosed in a spacious building with comfortable workstation and healthy environment for its employee.
Client-oriented output and Satisfaction

Broadray’s main goal is employee as well as client satisfaction uninterruptedly.

We satisfy our clients in regards to providing flexibility in work “man-hour solution” that is more the work more the staff recruitment. Thus the idea behind this is client get their work within the time span of 20-24 hours regardless of volume that too with desired output, which meets clients' satisfaction level.

We provide consistent and AAMT (American Association of Medical Transcription) required quality level more over competitive and cost-effective per line rates.

Thus Broadray I.T. is a strategically located for easy accessibility.

Confidentially Aspect

All our employees are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). All the required measures are taken to ensure total privacy, security, and confidentiality of patient records. We make sure no floppy disk or any sort of document copying devices are brought into the production unit of Broadray or can’t upload any document, file, image, code etc. from our network with out permission.

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